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Linda takes on former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo (R) in a debate over Arizona’s controversial new law concerning illegal immigrants on the show “Campbell Brown” on CNN. “¡Si Se Puede!”, the motto coined by United Farm Workers leader César Chávez, means “Yes, it can be done!”.


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50 Responses to “LINDA RONSTADT ON CNN 4-29-10”

  1. soakthisup says:

    Only whites are racist if they mobilize around their ethnic identity but when non-whites do it it is vigorously celebrated. Odd?

    Besides, Linda Ronstadt has had dozens of white dicks in her over her short singing career. The members of The Eagles passed her around like a joint. She’s not even close to being Hispanic either.

  2. rkernell says:

    His opinion matters just as much as yours does.

  3. EddieHaskelll says:

    Linda was right. It IS unconstitutional. So sayeth the Supreme Court.

  4. frickadele says:

    Try to live in Mexico…illegally.
    Try to live in Germany…illegally.
    Try to drive without a driver’s license.
    Try to drive without your seat belt on.
    But it’s okay to illegally move to the USA.
    If you think it’s okay….
    you’re either illegal or want to hire illegals…
    either case….
    you’re opinion doesn’t mean shit.

  5. RussX5Z says:

    Fuck you Tom Tancredo! Typical narrow minded angry white American cry baby!

  6. RussX5Z says:

    Umm she aged. Ha ha!

  7. Nolde1965 says:

    OMG, what happened to her?!

  8. islezeus says:

    LOL, Linda is so tickled by that asshole who is raising his voice and wants to argue instead of discourse about this RACIST law… Go girl!

  9. islezeus says:

    I bet you think Chuch Norris is a smart man, huh? Damn hypocrites!

  10. Airxson says:

    you’re a conservative republican, but you’ll accept that washed-up fat woman’s head-up-in-the-clouds, bleeding-heart mentality cuz you like her voice & her songs? how the hell do you allow your malleable political viewpoints to be so easily manipulated? you’re neither conservative nor republican. i don’t know what you are and you don’t either. it apparantly changes with whatever artist you listen to. just like the masses will turn on obama, your viewpoints are what others tell you they are.

  11. Airxson says:

    go tea party! make no mistake–there’s a revolution brewing here! we’re still in the early stages, but temperature is rising. when it reaches a fever-pitch, this country as we know it (weak, broke, politically-correct, pathetically-liberal) will cease to exist. illegal aliens, aka fugitive criminals, of all races, will be systematically rounded up “german-style”, fined heavily (or forced to work to pay off it off), then deported. godspeed!

  12. MrMusicgladiator says:

    Tom, you better shut the hell up talking to Linda like that!!! By God I tell you what you son of a gun!!!

  13. TheAmith1 says:

    It must be nice to have enough time on your hands to excercise your own ignorant predjudices by picking fights with famous musicians, especially ones that (unfortunately) aren’t even relevant to a lot of people anymore. If you weren’t such a douche you would have used the fact that Linda Ronstadt is only 1/3 Mexican as ammo against her. Rednecks crack me up, the way they twist anything to conform to their own ignorance and stupidity. Excuse me, I have to go pick a fight with Lita Ford now.

  14. grandaddynative says:

    Saaavin nickellls, saaavin diiimes!!

  15. swinedance says:

    Why are republicans so full of crap? This law hasn’t worked in Arizona and a similar one has not worked in Alabama. We’re a nation of immigrants now and we always have been. Just because our immigration laws are outdated and ineffective, don’t blame the people who come here for the same reasons my grandparents came from Italy. The ones who want to work will find work even if they have to work as day laborers. Let’s see an Anglo do that!

  16. TheHobbgobblin says:

    you go linda, you look great for your age and thanks for taking a stand and putting yourself out on a limb

  17. Christlovesanimals says:

    That’s a great insight. Here I thought all along that I lusted after her for almost 40 years because of her physical presence. Her intellect is sexy too—she wouldn’t be nearly so appealing without it.

  18. woolyhairs says:

    Isn’t she so articulate and so smart.

  19. gilream says:

    linda ronstadt is an open border proponent and she sucks. Long ago she was a good singer as a young hippie chic so that gives her credibility as a political activist? Give me a break.

  20. Christlovesanimals says:

    Debating Linda Rondstadt? Ha!…Good luck dude! That’s like debating God himself she’s so perfect.
    She always has been perfect and always will be: and, of course, she blows this this chump away.

  21. ivanrich says:

    SI SE PUEDE! Ronstadt wipes the floor with that gassy old racist.

  22. kiastar67 says:

    willful ignorance is easy for some

  23. colorado694 says:

    My kind of woman. Linda can say anything she wants to anybody she wants. The fact that she’s beautiful and can sing like that gives her that privilege. Obama needs a running mate for the next election, I nominate her for vice-president. She’s not as old as Biden, has better legs, and OMG has a beautiful voice.

  24. jimmart32 says:


  25. MrJacMac1986 says:

    Linda is still good looking to me.She has kind of a sexy milf look now.

  26. deathtoislam1000 says:

    close your borders

  27. stunnerrocker says:

    How is it there now? I was planning to go in there last year but all these news that I saw stopped me, an article “white girls, mass rape by muslims”, the title scared the hell out of me. Theyre raping and killing blondes that’s one of the news too.Can you update me?Are they going to stop the immigration? are you guys fighting back (without these spineless politicians)?Sweden is one of the cleanest and peaceful country, until the barbarian muslims came. Why aren’t you guys doing anything? :(

  28. Carlosalff says:

    He’s obviously a troll. Not hard to tell.

  29. HexaPT says:

    Ahha, and you plan to take over USA by praying on the street? They’re more aware then us here in EU. Look in the last 10 years or so; close to 8 Islamic nations came under USA control or are about to (iraq, syria, lybia, egypt, pakistan, afghanistan) and iran most likely to follow. If anything you’re beeing taken bit by bit and with right wing movement on the rise on Europe its just a matter of time until we solve this issue and bye bye nutjobs like you.

  30. celinebritgirl says:

    Polpotives is on every channel having to do with immigration. He’s been on if this is England where are the English for months now. You should see what the sicko has been saying there. He’s been telling people he’ll rape our children in their sleep! Among other things. He’s on here for sexual purposes he’s a pedo or something. Take a look if you doubt me. I just came here and I’m shocked to see him he’s been reported two weeks ago.

  31. celinebritgirl says:

    Get lost nut case! The only thing you can get is the hell out of Europe! Your such a big mouth why don’t you say this crap when the TV cameras are out on the streets? Do us a huge favor go home and take your weird ways with you. Three cheers for the Danes! They have it right the rest of us could learn a lot from them. And didn’t I report you already for talking about sick things on another channel? Well I’m going to do it again right now.

  32. polpotlives123 says:

    Hey ass wipe we are here now and here to stay..The funny part is that we are still coming and still getting welfare from you dumb ass’s..Better lock up your bikes and keep your nasty bitchs off the street because we love taking them when ever we want!..soon Denmark will fall to us!..

  33. HalalKafir says:

    Hey dumbshit, who begged you to come to Europe and work for cheap? – Answer: NOBODY. Get the fuck out and go back where you came from and get yourself a better paying job there, asshole.

  34. polpotlives123 says:

    No need to be angry white boy..Just relaxe and watch us take over.. everyday we get stronger and there are many more of us coming to this land ..Basically we think your just a bunch of suckers and thats so much the betterYour greed of money is what will be your demise.You want cheap labor so you let us in to do your dirty work but before you know it your going to be waiting on us.Mostly we love the free apts and fucking your lose bitchs.Your children are being fucked at the age of12so sweet!

  35. HalalKafir says:

    You’ve got another thing coming, you Pisslamic cunt, if you think you’re gonna get away with your re-shaping Europe according to Shari’a. Remember what happened to the Jews 70 years ago – and they did nothing to deserve what happened to them. You Muslims however are another story – you’re literally asking to be dealt with in a very unpleasant manner. Keep pushing your Qur’anic garbage and watch what happens!

  36. polpotlives123 says:

    What took you 1,000 years to build we will take 100 years to reshape into Muslims law..Your bitchs will learn to obey us!..I have personaly inpraignated 10 of your young bitchs so they bare half likeness’s of you….Your bitchs love dark cock.and we love giving it to them..They dress like whores so we treat like whores and they love it!

  37. joroma77 says:

    In Sweden there are malls that are 80% or more non-white!!!! In SWEDEN SCANDINAVIA
    It is utter insanity.

  38. mantarayasurf says:

    Muslims re leaches! get rid of them or your country normal way of life will dissapear and will become an Islamic state ruled by human garbage !

  39. skershaw2000 says:

    Denmark is EU… France, Germany & Spain are EU members… they arent considered immigrants & have the right to live and work there without any bureaucracy.

  40. skershaw2000 says:

    you fucking idiot.,… africans and muslims were in these countries in the middle ages, 800 years before anyone even knew piece of shit america existed.

    BTW, 97% of murders, armed robberies, rape, theft, embezzlement, etc. are committed by Christians in Europe, North and South America

    since you’re from Croatia and took part in Ethnic cleansing and similiar Nazi type things, your opinion means shit.

  41. skershaw2000 says:

    well documented that they brought these concepts to Europe….

    but I agree about organized religion… or religion in general… its a total absurd waste of time.

  42. skershaw2000 says:

    eventually? could of should of would of? Sorry, we deal in fact, not what ifs…. dumbass

  43. macmarine says:

    ah … the same old fairy-tale of “islamic science”. Actually, ancient arab scientists were not “muslim scientists” (an oxymoron if there ever was one). On the contrary, they often were persecuted, harassed, and punished for their teachings by muslim fanatics. Organized religion has always been and continues to be the arch-enemy of real science!

  44. ptbwf says:

    They don’t have any control whether they are beneficiaries either, that is what you don’t understand.

    White countries are also not just pure democracies either, the US(if you want to label it a white country)is a Republic, for example, not a Democracy.

    The immigrants in every European country are stealing not just the resources, but the very culture and make up of the country itself. It is one thing to be invaded and ransacked, and it is another to be invaded and be effectively replaced.

  45. ptbwf says:

    So either you believe whites are inferior to the Arabs and therefore aren’t a believer in egalitarianism, or you a idiot who is spouting irrelevant babble; pick one.

    What makes you think Europeans wouldn’t eventually develop those things themselves?

  46. ptbwf says:

    Ironic response, to say the least.

    Your post is the very definition of ‘racially charged bigotry’ and you are just too simple minded to see that.

    This country has always been mostly white by a significant margin since it was founded, no duh whites are going to commit the most criminal acts in America.

    Your 94% statistic; however, is absolute crap. You will almost never see the Rick Santorums of the world destroying govt property or attacking civilians in the name of God.

  47. ptbwf says:

    Denmark is successful because of its homogenous make up, just like China and Japan are(in their own way at least), your egalitarian thought process doesn’t allow you to see that.

    If it ever becomes a multicultural clusterfuck then it will quickly drop off and become a 3rd world nation; like France, Britain and Germany are currently in the process of doing as their standard of living plummets and crime skyrockets.

  48. ptbwf says:

    There is no historical evidence of anything of the kind.

    War, however, is necessary to keep the balance and stop peacetime dictatorship, it is unfortunate but true nonetheless.

    and of course I don’t approve of genocide or ethnic cleansing you fool.

  49. ptbwf says:

    btw it is sense, not ‘since’ Mr. Masters degree graduate of one of the top 5 schools in the world and paid way more than I am.

  50. ptbwf says:

    The majority of people who call Kentucky a ‘hick state’ cannot even begin to find Kentucky on a US map, and usually they think people in Louisville don’t wear shoes, they are simple retards.

    and actually Louisville is very much a metro now, you are about 12 years too late to make that ignorant statement.

    Unless you live in the biggest and most well known cities in America like New York, Chicago(which my family moved from btw) etc then you are beyond stupid to compare your city to Louisville.

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