Theodore Beaubrun (Languichatte Debordus) was born in Port-Au-Prince on December 26, 1918. He is known as a comedian/actor, journalist, dramatist, teacher, and satirist. Petit Seminaire St-Martial, Lycee Petion, L’ecole Tippenhauer, Antonio Vieux are the schools that he attended in his eventful formative years. His parents’creative approach to life, social awareness and physical appearance, combined with his proclivity to entertain, all conspired to his metamorphosis. In 1938, before his 20th birthday, he composed the sketch: Languichatte Avocat. In 1941, with Jean Faublas, and Georges Karaha he used radio as the medium for his comical sketches. In 1942, he founded Troupe Languichatte and its first play “Languichatte wedding” in Rex Theatre of Port-au-Prince was sold out. That was an enormous success for a novice. His additional works include: Coup sur Coup (1942), La maison de Baca (1942), Ti Zoute (1943). In 1944 he founded Rasoir Magazine. Like the prodigal son, after 6 years of publication, he divorced journalism to return to his natural habitat, theater. By 1954, he was serving as director of National Theater of Port-Au-Prince. In 1982, like Bill Cosby, he was the father figure of a televised series entitled Languichatte xx siecle with Azibe, Man Toute, and Melanie. This sitcom in TNH, with its theatrical effects, and its carefully crafted plot twists did, for a long time, glue us together. That same year he wrote and subsequently performed at Rex Theatre “La Vie nan
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  2. bboyfbk says:

    troup languichatte gro koze. nan zafe teyat yo se pote premye pri.

  3. FanmKreyolsukre says:

    Mezanmi wo….Bagay sa two funny!!!!

  4. shashoo60 says:

    Bravo, Bravo languichatte, ou te yon ayisyen tout bon. ou fait nou ri pendant wap eduque nou. merci anpil mesye languichatte

  5. BLOWPY45 says:

    Romain sa fre anpil !

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